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How to Make Sure Your Child’s Injury Doesn’t Cause You Financial Stress

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One of the biggest struggles of parenthood is deciding how hard we should try to keep them from hurting themselves as they grow up, get adventurous, and try new things.

No parent wants to see their child get hurt but on the other hand, you also don’t want to make them afraid to explore the world and become who they were meant to be. Each parent and child has to find the right balance between protectiveness and adventure based on a combination of the child’s personality and the relative danger of their surroundings. Of course, no matter how careful you are and how closely you watch your child, they will eventually get hurt. From scraped knees to broken bones, minor and major injuries are an integral part of childhood. The key is to be prepared when it does happen so that recovery can be pleasant for you and your child.

Learning to Let Them Play

The first step to healthy, relaxed parenting is to accept that kids will get injured and that it isn’t the end of the world. If you hold on to a child too tightly and warn your child about every possible danger, you run the risk of making your child think that the world is much scarier than it really is. No parent wants to accidentally give their child a nervous disorder so the best answer is usually to just let them play. There will always be a few things that need to be stopped like standing on top of the jungle gym roof with no hands but, for the most part, kids won’t actually do things that will put their lives at risk. By learning to sit back and watch only for truly dangerous behavior, you give them the freedom to learn and grow naturally.

When They Do Get Injured

Whether your child tried the high-dive for the first time or had their very first bad wipe-out learning to ride a bike, injuries do happen. Children come home with scraped knees and hands all the time, often even smiling and bragging about falling and getting back up. But what about the big ones like a broken leg or chipped tooth. These require more than just a little ointment and a cartoon band-aid to make it all better. While your child may be willing to shrug off the injury and go straight for recovery, the medical treatment they will need could put a serious dent in your wallet, a problem most children don’t need to hear about.

Make a Plan with Accidental Injury Insurance

Because we know that childhood injuries can get expensive, even if your child is otherwise perfectly fine, the natural solution is accidental injury insurance. Unlike health insurance which pays health care providers, accidental injury insurance pays you directly, ensuring that you can afford whatever treatments your child needs whether they’re at home or in a clinic. It can make up for your deductible payments, buy your child ice packs or sharpies for cast signing, and cover any time you may need to take off of work to take care of your injured child.

Because childhood injuries are practically guaranteed, do your peace of mind, bank account, and family a favor by planning for the inevitable future. Starting at less than $20 a month, Emerge provides you with accidental injury insurance for your child. This type of supplemental insurance ensures that no matter what kind of mess they get into, you can get them out of it without causing any additional stress due to financial worries. In many ways, this is your chance to spend a few days of quality time with your child taking all the time you need to help them recover, learn how not to repeat the injury, and feel good about getting better.

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