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How to Host an Office Holiday Party Your Employees Will Want to Attend

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Holiday office parties can seem a dime a dozen. But they can also be a great way to boost office morale and help employees bond with each other. How can you host an office party that your staff love to attend? It takes a bit of creativity, some willingness to laugh at yourselves and of course, lots of good food and drink. Here are some great tips to help you have the best office party in town!

Food and Drink

1. Have Plenty of Great Food

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to offer food that everyone will enjoy. You can buy frozen appetizers and entrees from a local warehouse store or find a nearby restaurant that will make your buffet foods in bulk. If you have the budget for it, hiring a caterer is the best bet. They can make and serve the food; they also clean up.

Pick foods that most people like instead of trying to be too fancy. The goal is to have food that everyone can enjoy including picky eaters. You should have at least one vegetarian option which can be as easy as pasta marinara. Someone in your company doesn’t eat meat.

2. Serve Beer and Wine

Unless you have a reason to avoid alcohol, serving beer and wine is as inexpensive as serving soda or juice. Your employees will have a better time if they can let loose a little.

3. Offer Finger Foods for Dessert

Everyone wants dessert for the holidays; in fact, some communities make it an event to bake and trade holiday cookies each year. Tasting all the desserts is even more fun. Find a caterer that will make bite-sized pieces of desserts so everyone can have more than one type of sweet.


4. Make Sure to Have Decorations

The best parties have decorations during the holidays. You can go classic or theme-party. If you want to have a party full of humor, theme-party is the best choice. You can create a whole party based on a humorous theme such as The Simpsons, Star Wars or Stranger Things. Theme parties can have costumes, funny signs and quotes and lend themselves to numerous silly activities.


5. Build Up to the Theme during the Work Week

You can build anticipation for the party by having small activities or hinting clues throughout the week before. Decorate throughout the office. If it is a costume party, have a contest. You can also hand out giveaways that relate to the party. Use your imagination to get people excited.

6. Have Side Activities throughout the Night

Rent a photo booth and/or similar side activities to run all night. People will have a blast and get a souvenir from the night. To save money, you can see if you have a staff member that can take photos in front of theme background instead.

7. Give Away Door Prizes at the Party

Employees will love to win prizes from a door prize raffle throughout the night. Gift baskets, movie tickets or small appliances are great choices. Prizes should be something that anyone would love. You can have a several prizes and allow each winner to choose their favorite.

8. Take Live-Action Photos/Videos

With a night’s worth of live-action party photos, your team will be able to reminisce the next week and any time throughout the year. You can collect these photos year after year and show them as the next party approaches.

The goal of an end-of-year office party is to have fun, celebrate the previous year and toast the year-to-come. You can let your employees know how your company is doing and give them the opportunity to show their pride in their employer and team.

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